5 Predictions for the Final Season of Game of Thrones

With Season 6 of GoT having ended, we're ready to make some predictions for the final go around!

Game of Thrones has diverged significantly from George R.R. Martin's novels, so where it goes, none of us know but that isn't going to stop us from making a few predictions. SPOILERS AHEAD.

#5 Jon Snow will Remain Jon Snow

Yes, we learned that Jon Snow is not a bastard of the North or of Dorne. He is neither Snow nor Sand.  He is the byproduct of a secret marriage and his name is Aegon Targaryen.  He is the true heir to the Iron Throne.  Will he learn this truth, yes, we're sure he will.  But what will Jon do with this information?  He is the only character that has not used his "name" to claim anything.  Everything Jon has, has been earned.

PREDICTION: Jon Snow will choose to support Dany in her claim rather than try to leap over her.  He will not take the name Targaryen, but rather remain Jon Snow.

#4 Cersei and Jamie will Connect Again

Jamie Lannister gained fame in Westeros for becoming the Kingslayer and the Oathbreaker. He killed the Mad King, who he once served.  Now, he has watched his sister and lover, Cersei, follow the path of the Mad King, who had said he would be willing to burn King's Landing to the ground.  Cersei has done just this, she has killed and burned and destroyed those she would rule over. She has made it clear to Jamie that she would even be willing to kill him.

PREDICTION: Jamie will return to King's Landing one final time to kill his sister. His path will come full circle and he will become the Queenslayer as well.

#3 The Fate of the Dragons

Season 7 showed us that the dragons are vulnerable. Not only can they die, but they can be turned into white walkers. Chances are one of the surviving dragons will have to die fighting the wight dragon.  From there, the other dragon, probably Drogon, will die in sacrifice of Dany.  The dragons have ever only served one purpose and that was to help Dany claim the Iron Throne.  The dragons cannot be kept captive, but they cannot be free.  Ultimately, Dany must rule without the threat of a weapon of mass destruction.

PREDICTION: All of the dragons will die.  The first season (or book) began in a world where magic and fantasy where elements of the past. They emerged when needed but will return to the realm of folklore.

#2 Beric will be an Unexpected Mentor and Hero

George R.R. Martin recently revealed that Beric Dondarrion is not alive at all, in fact, he is a fire wight, which would then also bring us to believe that Jon Snow, is also a fire wight and no longer truly alive at all.  In the books, Beric is already dead, he revives Catelyn Stark and turns her into Lady Stoneheart. However, the show bypassed that storyline and kept Beric alive, we can only assume this is to fullfill a few final tasks -- one to serve as mentor to Jon Snow, and two, to help bring an end to winter.

PREDICTION: Beric will teach Jon how to use his fire sword and die heroically in battle killing the Night King.

#1 Some will Live, Some will Die

Similar to the final season of The Sopranos, I expect the final season of Game of Thrones to be a slaughterhouse with key characters getting killed regularly up to the end.  As justice seems to finally be coming to the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei must die. Most likely she will die at the hands of Jamie who has also served his purpose. Jamie must also die. Tyrion Lannister will survive, as he now must pay the Lannister debt to Westeros, and a Lannister always pays his debts.

Bron, originally a sword for hire, has finally chosen a side and it's not with Jamie or Tyrion.  It is with Cersei and he is destined to die.  Likewise, The Mountain and the Hound have been journeying toward one final confrontation. The sole purpose of the Clegane brothers at this point seems to be to kill one another in a glorious battle!

Brandon Stark will be somewhere in between life and death.  As the Three-Eyed Raven, he does not seem to be truly alive.  We think Bran will become a tree (really).

Sansa will survive as the Lady of Winterfell ruling over the North with Arya as her protector. Theon will save Yara and together they will defeat their uncle. Theon, now regaining some self-respect, will live to serve his sister in the Iron Islands.

Dany will fulfill her destiny and rule the Seven Kingdoms.  She will have an heir to throne -- the bastard child of Jon Snow, Aegon Targaryen.

PREDICTION: Jon Snow will not come out of this alive. If we go by the premise already presented, that he is a fire wight, then really, he is already dead.  His life, since he went to the wall, has been entirely about sacrifice.  In the final season, Jon Snow will sacrifice himself for the living or for Dany, and he will not be brought back on this go around.

And so it goes.  We'll have to wait a while to see where these predictions land!

by Gordon Shelly


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