Archer: Season 6 Ep 13 (TV Recap)

Drastic Voyage: Part 2

by Rob Rector

After given an entire season to make nice with the CIA and land a cushy federal job, the gang-formerly-known-as-ISIS finds themselves back out on their collective keisters, much like did at the beginning of season five, when it was temporarily redubbed “Archer: Vice,” and they were forced to a life of illicit drug-smuggling.

The conclusion of this season’s “Archer,” the second in a two-part episode titled Drastic Voyage has our “heroes” flubbing yet another mission, thanks in large part to Dr. Krieger. And while it was fitting send-off for the season, it creates more loose ends than it ties.

The group were still making their way up the bloodstream of Dr. Kovacs, but first believing that they may actually be mistakenly placed in Krieger’s butt. This sends Sterling straight for a drink, which on board this highly sensitive mission, happens to only be rubbing alcohol. He’s just waiting until he finds the “Tang” to mix it. Man, I am going to miss this gang for the next few months.

Both Sterling and mommy Malory had some of the episode’s best moments, Lana was in standard kick-ass mode, Kreiger was far more the firestarter this episode having sabotaged the mission yet again (and ultimately costing them their CIA positions), Cheryl and Pam continued to sharpen their respective verbal skills, and Cyril and Ray were the quiet comedic Statler and Waldorf of the episode.

Once again, we also witnessed more growth with both Lana and Sterling, individually and as a couple. We had a glimpse of Sterling’s fierce “daddy” mode, and we knew that with bear claws for hands that Lana was a grizzly, but it was on display here like it has not been seen before. We also felt the strengthening bond during its cliffhanger ending -- which was also way more educational than the usual random trivial facts that pepper episodes with.

And while it perhaps did not end with the resolutions it had set up at the start of this two-part episode, it certainly makes the mind wander over the possibilities of where they may go in season 7, and tempt us with more than enough fodder to tune in when it airs. My only hope is that it will involve finding the whereabouts of poor, put-upon, heroin-addicted, octogenarian servant Woodhouse. Stay warm, good buddy!

Favorite lines and moments:

Slater: “Okay, Gillette. Now just slip it in, nice and easy.” Ray: “Ohhh. I’m in.” - Ray Sterling: “What about, ‘That’s what she said.’ Can we at least do that?”

Mallory (referring to baby AJ): “She’s about to pop out of that onesie.”

Hawley: “She seems like a normal baby weight.”

Mallory: “And everyone deserves a trophy just for showing up, and everyone’s Kickstarter has merit.”


Sterling: “Why would you want to work for those Ivy League, white-shoed D.C. pricks? That’s not who we are! We’re the outsiders, the scrappy underdogs! We’re Delta House, the Dirty Dozen, the Rebel Alliance, the Commitments! We’re the Bad News frickin’ Bears!”


Slater (referring to Sterling): “He’s had the clap so many times, it’s more like applause.” (This may perhaps be the best line of the season!)

Episode Rating: A-

Season Rating: A-


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