Armstrong (2017) Review

Indeed, a very special movie!

by Martin Hafer

Armstrong was a great film for me to watch because I had incredibly low expectations for the picture and in every way the movie exceeded them.  You see, I generally dislike action films…and I actually put off watching it when I realized that.  While it is a relatively low-budget film and features lesser-known actors, the writer- director team of Kerry Carlock and Nicholas Lund-Ulrich managed to make the absolute most out of what they had.

By the time the film was ending…it actually left me wanting to see a sequel…and there is plenty of room for that.  So, if I’d give this picture an A, it is pretty special!

The story is set in Los Angeles late at night.  It’s shot in accelerated real time—taking place over perhaps four or five hours.  Lauren (Vicky Jeudy) is about to begin her very first shift as an EMT and she’s incredibly nervous…and it’s made much worse because she is in recovery for substance abuse.  He sponsor talks her through her nervousness but neither had any idea just how stressful this night was about to become.

As for her new partner, Eddie (Jason Antoon), he’s a cynical and abrasive guy…though deep down he seems like a decent guy through the course of the film.

So what happens to the pair?  Well, they stumble into some sort of war…a war you can only assume consists of warriors from some other time or, perhaps, planet.  Their weapons are very futuristic and soon Lauren and Eddie find they are isolated…as some sort of electro-magnetic pulse has made their phones and radio inoperable.

The other problems are that they aren’t sure who are the good guys and who are the bad…and lots of people start shooting at them!

I could easily say more but really don’t want to spoil the film for you.  Suffice to say that in addition to the action and excellent story, these actors really knock it out of the park, so to speak.  Vicky Jeudy is great as a very normal, albeit screwed up, sort of person…and I loved Jason Antoon as Eddie.  He was very memorable as well.  Overall, a really well made film that I hope get seen widely.  It’s just too enjoyable and intelligently made to be missed.


Martin's Grade: A


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