Bates Motel: Season 2, Ep 10 (TV Recap)

The Immutable Truth - Season 2 Finale (Spoilers)

by Ed Blackadder

I have to say, after a weak start to season 2, the show ended in fine style, with Norman almost completing his "mother" takeover that we all pretty much expected to happen. I put this down to last week's episode, where we saw Nick Ford's men dump him in a steel box in the middle of nowhere, with only his thoughts. This, for me at least, was the biggest single factor that pushed him over the edge, forcing Norman to take over Norma's identity. We also learn the big secret that's been kept from Norman by his mother. But it's a secret that wasn't entirely unexpected.

It also looks like Dylan will play a larger role in the Bates' dynamic, after a very powerful, and well-directed scene between Norma and Dylan. Emma is also looking good for next season, and I caught the after hours show, where series co-creator/writer Carlton Cuse and Olivia Wilde (Emma) talk about a scene that was cut, where Norman and Emma kiss. (Watch the deleted "kiss" scene below) Apparently, the writers felt it was "too soon" for the pair to get together. Make of that what you will.

Bates Motel
Created by Anthony Cipriano
Cast Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot
Episode Release Date 5 May 2014
Ed's Grade: A

Last week had Norman still in the box with Dylan having just beaten Nick to death trying to find him. Norma had just told Romero the truth about why Norman was missing and Emma had just handed in two-weeks notice because her persistent badgering and sticking her nose in everywhere was getting her nowhere. To be honest, If I had a worker that damn annoying, I'd have told her to beat it, long ago. Just joking. Dylan also found himself in the middle of a family power struggle, and Norma had made poor George really pissed at her.

We catch up with Dylan hightailing it from Nick's house and running right into Romero. Dylan confesses about killing Ford, then they both return to Nick's place where Romero finds one of the men emptying a safe. Romero gets him to tell where they stashed Norman, then they go get him from the box. Norman in a mess but he's all right, and taken to hospital.

Dylan and Romero go after Zane by getting his sister Jodi to call him on the phone and get him to come home. Jodi explains Nick Ford is now dead after Dylan killed him, and that they now needed to sort things out. Zane obviously knew something was up because as soon as he arrived, the lights go out and Romero ends up shooting it out with Zane's men. The next part I'm still not crazy about. Jodi ends up being killed by Zane, and when he's about to shoot Dylan, Romero appears with his shotgun, telling Zane "remember I said I would burn you?" then blasting him.

What was good about getting Jodi and Zane out-of-the-way, and of course, Nick Ford, means there's a vacuum that needs filling. Romero points this out to Dylan, offering him the job because Dylan now knows how things work, and Romero wants someone he can trust in that position of power. Dylan is certainly more level-headed than the others, and he's also got his mother behind him now. It really was a good scene between Vera Farmiga and Max Thieriot, where Norma goes to Dylan to ask him to run away to Montreal with she and Norman. She also apologizes to Dylan for her behavior, and you could see that's all Dylan ever really wanted.

Below is a deleted scene of Norman and Emma kissing (but not in English!).

The high drama was saved for the very end, as Norman decides to end it all by sticking a gun in his own mouth, but is talked down by Norma. He explained to Norma that he was sure he'd murdered Miss Watson after having sex, and was worried it would all come out during the polygraph test. After a tearful encounter getting Norman to give her the gun, Norma gets Norman to face the polygraph, with Norman telling her "okay, mother; you win." He says it like it's a warning. That's how I took it, anyway. As if he was saying to her "you want crazy Norman, you got him" kinda thing.

I mentioned this last week, but because Norman isn't mentally stable, a polygraph test can't be used for this very reason. If someone believes they are the Pope, then they're wired up to a lie-detector, when asked if they are indeed the Pope, when they reply affirmatively it'll show they told the truth. That's more or less what happens with Norman except with more drama. When the big question comes and he's asked if he killed Blaire Watson, Norman imagines his mother is sitting next to him, telling him he didn't kill his teacher; it was Norma herself who murdered her. This was nicely written. It covered his insanity perfectly. Norman wriggles out of a scrape, and we see him morphing into his mother. Interestingly, Romero didn't look very convinced when he's told Norman was innocent. Perhaps it was the way Norma and Dylan looked so relieved, as if they could hardly believe it themselves, that made him suspicious. We're left with a close up of Norman's face. with a look of madness barely held in check.


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