Batman & Bill (2017) Review

The film is excellent on just about every level.

by Martin Hafer

This is a first for me…reviewing a made for Hulu documentary.  Heck, up until very recently, I had no idea Hulu was releasing anything themselves.  Fortunately, “Batman & Bill” turns out to be a really exciting and engaging film…one that comic book fans absolutely must see.  The problem is that to see it, you need to have Hulu.

If you are a comic book lover, you probably know who Bob Kane is.  He’s been credited for decades as the creator of Batman and during his lifetime he made a fortune because of it.  He also achieved a god-like status by some fans.  After all, he came up with the story idea, the costume, the Batmobile, the villains and the back story about Bruce Wayne losing his parents to some murderous thieves…right?

Well, not exactly according to this film…as well as according to Warner Brothers, the folks who own DC Comics.  The story is about another man who created much of what Batman was but was never credited during his lifetime for this…and a man who died pretty much penniless and forgotten.   The film does an excellent job explaining who Bill Finger was and how he actually is at least half responsible for creating the comic strip hero…as well as the fight that his granddaughter had to go through to get this acknowledged.  It’s all quite enlightening…at least for me, a guy who isn’t exactly a huge comic book fan.

The film is excellent on just about every level.  Technically, it’s well made.  It’s obvious they did a lot of research to make the film and, most importantly, the documentary really packs a strong emotional wallop.  You find yourself being emotionally pulled into the film and this is also the sign of an exceptional documentary.  Well worth seeing…and satisfying to see the man finally getting the recognition he so well deserved.

Martin's Grade: A


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