Bonejangles (2017) Review

Not a good film but doesn't aspire to be ... so if that's your thing!

by Martin Hafer

There are several different types of bad movies.  Some are big-budget disasters, such as Gigli …and because of this, they are infamous.  There are disasters that cost very little and were made by filmmakers who thought they were creati ng decent films…and The Room  and Plan 9 From Outer Space are perfect examples.  But with Bonejangles, you’ve got something different … a bad movie that pretty much sets out to be a bad movie.  And, because of this, you might just find it watchable.  Most folks won’t … but if you are the type person who likes The Toxic Avenger or Killer Klowns from Space, then this movie might just be for you.

When I began watching the film, the only thing that really interested me was seeing Reggie Bannister in a small role.  Bannister starred in all five of the Phantasm movies … lower budgeted slasher films which, occasionally, managed to be entertaining.   Here he plays a serial killer who is the father of a super-serial killer, Bonejangles, and you see him dispensing sage advice to his aspiring son … most of which is completely insane.  And, Bonejangles himself is insane…a supernatural serial killer who cannot be stopped by bullets or most other means … and electricity only stuns him.  His only weakness, according to his daddy, is his ‘wee winkie’ … and this pretty much sums up the sort of film it would be…with lots of sex jokes, some gratuitous nudity and a lot of dopey jokes.    I could talk about the plot … but is that really even necessary (the answer, by the way, is no!!)?

In most ways, the film looks like a group of mostly 20-somethings got together and decided to make a movie…even though few of them had any experience with cinema.  The acting, not surprisingly, is pretty rough and the jokes are the sort that friends who wrote the stuff would laugh at but others would just wonder why….why did they make the picture in the first place?  Overall, it’s not completely awful … the film has a few good moments.  But these moments are few and the picture is one that I would recommend skipping unless you enjoy self-consciously bad movies.

Martin's Grade: D


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