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[tabby title="Season 11 Call for Entries"]

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 11 Call for Entries is Open!


  • Feature Film
  • Short Film
  • Documentary Film
  • Screenplay (long-form)
  • Screenplay (short-form)
  • Music Video or Micro-Short (under five minutes)


  • Best Director
  • Best Actor (Male)
  • Best Actor (Female)
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Score
  • Best Screenplay (produced)
  • Best Editing
  • Best Supporting Actor (Male or Female)
  • Best Visual FX

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*Final award categories are subject to change based on qualified entries.

[tabby title="Season 10"]

Interviews and Review Links can be found HERE!




WINNER: Resurrection Time Conspiracy | Written by Jim Carroll



WINNER: The Meanest Man in Texas | Director Justin Ward

Created Equal | Director Bill Duke

Artifice | Director Steven Doxey

Silverfish | Director Matthew Thornton

Darcy | Directors Heidi Philipsen & Jon Russell Cring



WINNER: Created Equal | Director Bill Duke

Glass Ceiling | Director Tash Ann

Mechanism of Life | Director Aleksey Smirnov

The Meanest Man in Texas | Director Justin Ward

Darcy | Directors Heidi Philipsen & Jon Russell Cring



WINNER: The Man Up The Stairs | Director Rebecca Gosnell

It’s Within | Director Manu

Taste | Director Jay Palmieri Jr.

Sprinkles | Director Roger A. Scheck

The Eve | Director Luca Machnich

It’s Getting Darker Everyday | Director Natalie MacMahon



WINNER: Neglect | Director Olivia Rose Wallace



WINNER: Delightful | Performer Katie Garibaldi | Director Anna Haas



WINNER: Mechanism of Life | Director Aleksey Smirnov



WINNER: Artifice | Composer Christopher Doucet



WINNER: Silverfish | Rachelle Grossman



WINNER: The Meanest Man in Texas, Mateus Ward



WINNER: The Meanest Man in Texas, Jamie McShane



WINNER: The Eve | Director Luca Machnich



WINNER: The God Particle: Resurrection by Tom Rico

The Wonderful by Demitra Papadinis

Amber’s Alert by Thada Catalon

The First Time for Penny by Janice Walker

Diminuendo by Paul Gross

In Wonderland by Summer Starrs

Hostage: The True Story of a Kidnapping by Slavica Bogdanov

A Tempest in Texas by Larry Landgraf

Resurrection Time Conspiracy by James Carroll

The Salt Box by Roger J. Rogers



WINNER: Girl in the Painting by Scott Williamson

[tabby title="Season 9"]

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 9 (2016)

We went big in 2016 and ultimately combined two seasons into one. The celebration of movies, screenplays and awards is below.

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards Season 9, was an absolute pleasure to judge, with some wonderful and entertaining films and scripts to sift through. It wasn't an easy job trying to pick winners from this batch, but we somehow managed.

There were six categories altogether, with one for Best Screenplay

Movie Finalists Official Selections (click for reviews)

[caption id="attachment_26981" align="alignnone" width="300"] Click on the "Finalist" laurels for a larger image.[/caption]

Journey to Mt. Fuji The Hunters Club (review coming soon) 14 DaysThe Eve Dirty Beautiful (review coming soon) Mer DepréLove EterneGhosts of the Long Ago Drawer

Screenplay Finalists

Two of Hearts Hibernation The Fourth Night Northern Lights The Power of Jasmine Luther’s Gang

2016 Awards (click on an image for a larger view)!

BestShort2016jpgBestThriller2016jpg Best TrailerBestScript2016 BestMusicalBestDoc2016 BestDirector

Best Thriller - Back Alley Bulls

The first category was won by Cynthia Rabinaico's Back Alley Bulls. Bulls was professionally shot and executed, with extremely good sound. Where many low-budget films fail, Back Alley Bulls' succeeds, thanks to the care that's gone into the tech side of things. We're given an entertaining story and interesting characters that we can root for. A deserved win. Read full review and view award here.

Best Musical - Noces de Rose

Noces de Rose is from Director Jeremy Circus, and this charming short film was a delight to watch. It tells the sad tale of a man who loses his wife to poisonous roses. Now widowed, he decides to take his wrath out on the roses. While the film itself is fairly simple, the choreography and musical talent on display lifted this one above the rest. Extremely entertaining.

Best Trailer - Northern Lights

From the talented Tom Rico comes Northern Lights, an apocalyptic tale with viral infections and aliens. Tom Rico's trailer packs quite a punch. It features fantastic special effects, with nice production values. We bounce around the world in this tale that spans over four decades, as we watch the world being thrown into chaos. Chuck Powers acts as EP. (see interview below)

Best Short - Electric Faces

Electric Faces takes this next category. Set in a future Glasgow, Johnny Herbin's sci-fi-crime yarn, Electric Faces, follows the exploits of Tom (Euan Bennet), a desperate ex-junkie who's looking to score some quick money. Exactly why Tom needs the money is revealed over the course of the 11-minute runtime, using some clever, measured pacing. The short was well shot and edited, and the entire production really stood out. An exemplary example of the genre.

Best Documentary - One Day with a Tattoo Artist

From Italian documentary filmmaker Michelangelo Torres comes the enchanting One Day with a Tattoo Artist with Simona Ercole acting as the artistic muse and narrator.  Simona explains her passion for tattooing and how she only works with vegan ink. The documentary has been beautifully shot in black and white, as Torres demonstrated to us that he has a wonderful eye for composition. A stunning looking piece of film. You can watch the film here.

Best Director - Cynthia Rabinaico

This one really was a close call thanks to the high standard of each entry. After demonstrating that she can create and helm such an entertaining film with a very low budget, Director Cynthia Rabinaico has well earned this award.  Read full review and view award here.

Best Screenplay - Northern Lights

Northern Lights by Tom Rico. Tom has fast become one of the top ten emerging screenwriters, and is someone to watch out for. Tom shows a great deal of skill and talent in his writing, and one hopes to see a lot more of his work in the coming months. (see interview below)


Q&A with Tom Rico

After winning in two categories, screenwriter-filmmaker Tom Rico answered some questions for us.

How did you get into the movie business?

Tom: Purely by accident I always wanted to write, but for many years was too busy raising a family. I didn't think It was a real possibility to be taken seriously until I wrote the Novel for Northern Lights, and It started winning awards. A friend of mine in the business convinced me that I should turn it into a screenplay and submit it to the festivals. I knew nothing about writing a screenplay, but studied hard and read many award-winning screenplays to learn how to do it right. About the same time I met Chuck Powers from Black Rock Entertainment who also believed in me and supported the project. He also was the one that produced the trailer. When it won its first award at the Galactic film festival in Hollywood I was completely shocked, but the feeling of accomplishment you get from something like that is infectious. For the first time I really felt that it wasn't such a long-shot dream to have it made into a movie. Now Northern Lights has 27 Nominations and selections at various film festivals around the world with 11 wins to date and there is no stopping me now. The sequel The God Particle-Resurrection is complete and will hit the festival circuit this spring. My feeling now is "I didn't come this far, to only come this far."

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Well, I think Inspiration is sort of 2-fold, there is the inspiration you get from your peers in the business, and the support you get from family and friends that help to inspire you. I'm a very lucky man to have a wife, family and friends that see how happy this work makes me and they are so supportive of me to follow my dreams -- part of me feels like if I gave up I would be letting them down as well as myself. As far as inspiration from people in the business I have always been a fan of writers like Stephen King, and directors like Stephen Spielberg. The work they do is awesome and entertaining, but it wasn't until I started doing it myself that I realized how much time and effort go into a project. It has given me an even greater respect for those people who can devote up to a year of their lives to create a 2-hour movie. The dedication is amazing!.

How did you come up with the idea for Northern Lights?

I actually started writing Northern Lights in 2010 after seeing a YouTube video of a corkscrew spiral Laser in the sky in Norway on December 9 2009. (Watch it here) It was seen for hundreds of miles and was speculated to be some type of government testing. I've also always been fascinated by the science and physics that create the Aurora Borealis. So being a huge fan of science-fiction movies, I thought it would be so cool to combine the Northern Lights, with science fiction and tell a tale of the two, throw in an alien invasion and you got gold. I've spent the last 6 years developing the project to the point where Northern Lights is now, where The God Particle is going and where the trilogy will end up. I don't want to give too much away about The God Particle and the trilogy, but the original speculation of the government testing in Norway coupled with the title of the sequel should give you a good idea.

What's next for you and your team?

Next we shoot the trailer for The God Particle Resurrection and start pitching the product to major motion picture studios. I really do think we have a winner here. I would love for Northern Lights to go down in history as a SciFi classic!!

Thank you, Tom Rico

Trailer for Northern Lights


[tabby title="Season 8"]

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 8, 2013/14

Me-Udo, Jeremy JP Fekete (Best Documentary)

Headsome, Pavel Nikolajev (Best Feature Film)

Official Selections:

Puncture, Edward Lyons

A Little Bit Country, Cat Cooper

Street Files, Christopher Richardson

Akhira: Day of Judgement, Will Myrick

Danger, Dames and Dangerous games

OC/DC, New Verb

Black and White Lines, Darren L. Downs

Jonah, Kirill Modylevskiy

Risky Business: A Look Inside America’s Adult Film Industry, David Mech

Seventeen Hours In, Ivo Raza

Black and White Lines

Rocky Mountain Experience: Bull Riding, Rick Higgins

The One Dollar Movie, Giorgio Caridi

[tabby title="Season 7"]

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 7 (Winter 2012)

Audience Choice: Retrocognition, Eric Patrick

Best Feature: The Empty, Ben Struble

Web Series: Exchanging Confidences, Silvio Ncucchi

Jury Award: Retrocognition, Eric Patrick

Official Selections

Archie the Cockfighter, Jeremy Pion-Berlin

Dick Punch, David Rutta

Dissent, Giorgio Blasi

LA Aboriginal, Daniel Lir

New Eden, Brett Snelgrove

Trauma Team, Josh Roth

Haunting Love, Haoran Wang

[tabby title="Season 6"]

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 5 (2011)

Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales

A Box for Rob (Best Feature Film)

Time Travelers, Episode 4

Be Forever Now


1:30 AM

DEALeR (Audience Choice)

Living with Frankenstein (Best Web Series)


The Talent

Boyz, Girz & Spakz

The Woodne Koru



Evenings with Ray

Not Suitable for Children

Proposition (Best Short Film)

Working Class Nightmare

[tabby title="Season 5"]

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 5 (2011)

The Mel Klein Diaries, Best Screenplay

One Night, Best Short

Almost Invisible, Best Feature

If I had a Balloon, Best Documentary


The McSatans

The Missing Dead


[tabby title="Season 4"]

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 4 (Winter 2010)

Asylum Seekers (Best Feature)

Dark Chocolate (Best Short)

Bakker’s Dozen (Best Screenplay)

Certain Adverse Events (Best Documentary)

August Sweeney: The Monster Barber of Harlem (screenplay)

Chasing Steven Spielberg (screenplay)

Quickie All Night (screenplay)

Camp Victory

Loss of Innocence (screenplay)



Finding George (screenplay)

The Last Musketeer

[tabby title="Season 3"]

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 3 (Summer 2010)

Awaiting Her, Best Short

Albatrocity, Best Documentary

Tristan and Iseult, Best Screenplay

Live My Life (music video)

Good Cop, (Blank) Cop

A Native Dawn (Screenplay)

Key Bridge (Screenplay)

Ronnie Gold’s Fight Team

There are no Superheroes (screenplay)

[tabby title="Season 2"]

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 2 (Spring 2010)

A Lonely Place for Dying (Best Feature)

A Girl Like You with a Boy Like Me (Best Short)

Privilege (Best Screenplay)

I Like You

Ecoplaza Paradise Oasis

Carla (Screenplay)

Exodus Fall (Honorable Mention Feature)

[tabby title="Season 1"]

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 1 (2009)

Apples and Oranges (Best Feature)

Four Cups of Joe (Best Short)

Taboo: More than Just Friends (Best Screenplay)

Guitar Lessons

Gus: An American Icon

Porch Party

Body (screenplay)

Take my Life

The Marked Man


Valley of the Spirits (screenplay)

[tabby title="Awards History"]

INFLUX Magazine has long supported and championed independent film. The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards has been an ever-evolving process.  We began as the lead partner of the SoCal Film Market which later became FlipsideTV. Ultimately, we branched off and turned to our own event, which was first called INFLUXPalooza and ultiamtely, now the INFLUX Magazine Film Awards. We have additionally supported, attended and participated in numerous festivals throughout our 20-year publishing history.



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