Is Kit Harrington The Next Batman? We Have The Answer Here!

There has been a lot of drama going on this week in the DC live-action universe. We may have just seen Justice League in theaters one year ago, but it looks like both Henry Cavill (as Superman) and Ben Affleck (as Batman) are leaving the universe. With that being said, we'd definitely need some new actors to play these roles in upcoming movies.

The rumors have been saying that Affleck wanted out of playing Batman and with his current stint in rehab, it looks like he might be out for good. The rumor mill is going strong already, as it looks like Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones is the talk of the town right now. So, is Kit Harrington in line to play Batman?

It looks like the rumors are not true, for now. Entertainment Weekly's James Hibberd talked with Kit Harrington's reps after these rumors started coming out. Hibberd said that no one in Harrington's camp have reportedly heard anything. That would be a big sign that Jon Snow is not lined up to play Batman right now. However, we all know that Game of Thrones will be coming to an end, so he will have a lot more availability. So, don't rule out Harrington just yet.

If Harrington were to take over as Batman, we may see the storyline twist. Affleck is older and had a much more worn-down Batman. Harrington is much younger, so could show us a younger version of Batman. Time will tell, but we will keep you updated on things!


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