James Cameron Does Not Appear To Like The Avengers Movies

James Cameron may say he is a fan of the Avengers movies, but it sounds like the Oscar-winning director is not a huge fan. See what Cameron had to say about all of the Avengers movies below!

Cameron was out and about promoting his new documentary series AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction when he was asked about the Avengers movies, as he is hoping people get tired of them. Cameron said, I’m hoping we’re going to start getting Avenger fatigue. Not that I don’t love the movies. It’s just, come on, guys, there are other stories to tell besides, you know, hypogonadal males without families doing death-defying things for two hours and wrecking cities in the process.”

Well, that doesn't really sound like a fan of the movies, does it?

Maybe Cameron is looking for a change, but then why would he signup to make four more Avatar movies and produced another Terminator reboot? Seems like he is contradicting himself, but it looks like he will be mixing things up with the new Avatar movies. He said, “I found myself as a father of five, starting to think about what would an Avatar story be like if it was a family drama, if it was The Godfather.”


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