Julie Chen Says Celebrity Big Brother Could Become A CBS Regular

CBS brought fans of Big Brother a special edition this winter, as Celebrity Big Brother premiered for a three-week run to compete with NBC's coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics. As it turns out, it has been a ratings success for CBS and because of that, we could be seeing a lot more of BB Celeb. This, of course, according to Big Brother host Julie Chen.

For this shortened season of the summer hit, the celebrity installment has been averaging more than 5 million viewers against the Olympics. That is a good sign for CBS and could mean that Celebrity Big Brother could be sticking around the CBS lineup come next year.

Last winter, CBS tried another new reality show to keep Survivor off the roster for a little longer. They pushed back the Survivor premiere for the Hunted season. While Hunted started strong, each new episode brought a slip in the ratings. As Entertainment Weekly stated, the show has been a ratings success for CBS, but could it work in any other schedule when the Olympics are not on? CBS is running a lot of reruns right now, besides Celebrity Big Brother.

While fans have been supporting this celebrity edition, could CBS bring it back next season? Julie Chen talked with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the possibility, as she said:

I wouldn’t rule it out! Who knows? It’s definitely possible. With these ratings, it did what we hoped as opposed to running repeats of the current slate of shows. It all depends how well all the shows on the air are doing. But don’t forget, B.B. takes up a lot of real estate on the prime-time schedule. We are used to having at least three nights to air in a week. CBS is known for having a strong schedule of shows year round so it’s hard to say right now what will happen next winter.


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