'Little Italy' Trailer: A Pizza Family Battle Turns Into Love?

It's like a Hallmark movie is headed to the big screen, as the Little Italy trailer is here and soon in theaters. Little Italy stars Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen, as their families battle it out with both of them being pizza shop owners.

Little Italy has Donald Petrie as the director. He is best known from rom-com favorites Miss Congeniality (2000) and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003). This will be his return to the genre, as he directs Roberts and Christensen in this family rivalry movie.

For the movie, Roberts stars as Nikki Angioli, a chef that was living abroad, but has to return home to deal with some visa-related issues. Those issues need to be worked out in order for Nikki to get a promotion. Of course, she has to return home and her large, meddling Italian family are there to make her life a living hell.

No doubt about it, but there is a rival pizza business around the corner and they happen to have a hot son that will fall in love with Nikki. No shocker there, right? Can they be in love when their families are feuding? 

Also starring in Little Italy is Alyssa Milano, Danny Aiello and Jane Seymour, as well as Andrea Martin in a role reminiscent of her scene-stealing My Big Fat Greek Wedding part.

Check out the Little Italy trailer here:

Little Italy hits select theaters and on demand on September 21.


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