Michael B. Jordan As The Next Superman? Dean Cain Weighs In!

By: Todd Betzold

It looks like Henry Cavill is leaving the DCEU and with that, we are in need of another Superman! The rumors have been swirling around since this announcement was made and one of the names being mentioned is that of Michael B. Jordan! Yeah, we can get on board with this one!

While Jordan has come out and debunked any rumors of him portraying Superman, he has admitted that he would prefer to portray Calvin Ellis. the black Superman of Earth 23. Yes, the Black Panther star may have debunked the rumors, but that does not mean that others can't be out there showing their support for him. One of those people happen to be Dean Cain, who played the Man of Steel in the mid-90s while on the show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

It seems like Dean was recently on Fox & Friends and was asked about an article in CBR which talked about the possibility of Superman being a person of color, as Cain is partially of Japanese descent and was omitted from the article. He talked about that omission and also showed his support for Jordan:

So they said the idea behind the article was to talk about, you know, could Superman be a person of color. And of course Superman could be a person of color. Superman is more of an ideal than it is a person, you know, a race or a color. Superman is about the, you know, truth, justice, and the American way, and I believe that.

Cain want on to talk about a possible casting of Jordan as Superman and said that Jordan "has all the qualities and characteristics" to play Superman. He add that he "wouldn't have blinked" if Jordan would be cast in that role. He may not have blinked, but we are sure that others would. I mean, the thought of Superman being black scares a lot of people. I mean, Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four and people were unhappy with that decision and that was a flop. Imagine Jordan portraying Superman (which we fully support).


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