Out of Nothing (2017) Review

A movie made for motorcycle lovers!

by Martin Hafer

Out of Nothing is a documentary about a group of guys who live in the Pacific Northwest.  While they work a variety of different jobs, what draws them together is their love of motorcycles and a desire to set a land speed record.  The film follows them from working on their bikes to going to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to try their chance at the record.

I am definitely not the best guy to watch this film, as I’ve never driven a motorcycle nor am I especially inclined to do so.  I say this now because it had to affect how much I enjoyed the movie.  And, I am sure folks who love cycles would be especially drawn towards this film….and would get more out of it.

Now this is not to say I didn’t enjoy the story.  No, it was reasonably interesting and the film was very well made…with a professional look you often don’t see with documentaries.  My only complaint is the music, as the volume seemed a bit loud and it dominated much of the film.  Again, however, as it’s not the sort of music I usually listen to, perhaps this should be kept in mind.  Overall, we have a nice, well-made film that is worth seeing.

By the way, the thing that stood out most for me about Out of Nothing is the fact that one of the producers is Ryan Stiles.  If his name isn’t familiar, he’s a frequent (and hilarious) performer on Whose Line Is It Anyway?….and it surprised me that he was involved with this project.  I can only assume he’s a nut about cycles….but you really would expect him to be involved in something with more of a comedic spin to it!

Martin's Grade: A-


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