'Someone Great' (2019) Review: A Journey To Reality

By: Ashley Velez

Someone Great is a new Netflix movie that many can relate to. The movie starts with Jenny Young’s (Gina Rodriguez) boyfriend, Nate Davis (Lakeith Stanfield) breaking up with her after she accepts a job in San Francisco. Jenny met Nate in college and has been with him for almost a decade. After being broken up with, Jenny calls her best friends Blaire Helms (Brittany Snow) and Erin Kennedy (Dewanda Wise). Jenny wants to attend Neon Classic, a concert in NY where Jenny and her friends live, so she has her friends help her acquire tickets for the show.

While preparing for Neon Classic that night the friends spend the day off work consoling Jenny. Most of the movie is spent with the girls running around New York preparing for the night as Jenny tries to get over her breakup. The importance of friendship is an ongoing theme throughout the movie.

Along the girls day adventure we get to see cameos from some familiar faces. Hannah Davis, Nate’s cousin is played by Rosario Dawson whom Jenny runs into while trying to DM someone for tickets to the show. When Jenny and Erin visit their drug dealer to get a supply for the night we discover their drug dealer is played by RuPaul. Blaire is in a dull relationship with a nice man Will, played by Alex Moffat.

All three girls have different situations they are dealing with whether its Blaire’s boring relationship or Erin having a difficult time agreeing to be in a relationship with someone she loves. The movie has its funny, lighthearted moments but it also is deeper than that. 

Different moments throughout the day remind Jenny of Nate. She has flashbacks of meeting him for the first time at a college party. Another flashback involves Nate and her screaming at each other on the street. All the flashbacks provide the audience with knowledge of what their relationship was like. The flashbacks start out good natured but overtime they become heart wrenching as the relationship starts to unravel.

Someone Great demonstrates that sometimes people grow out of relationships. Jenny and Nate met in college, but the relationship didn't grow with them as they entered the ‘real world.’ Jenny spends most of the movie struggling with that concept. If you are looking for a rom com with a dose of reality then this is the movie for you.

Grade: A-


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