Sylvester Stallone Starts Balboa Productions For New Movie Projects

Sylvester Stallone is throwing his hat into the ring (and not the boxing ring this time around)! The actor announced he is launching a production company for new film and TV projects. What will the company be called? None other than Balboa Productions, which is named after his famous character from the Rocky franchise.

For the production company, Stallone has partnered with Braden Aftergood to create Balboa Productions. Aftergood has producing credits for Hell or High Water, Lone Survivor and Wind River. Balboa Productions is also partnering with Starlight Culture Entertainment for development funding. Stallone entered into a multi-year deal with this announcement.

This is a brand new company, but it looks like Balboa Productions is already hard at work on their first project. What is it? No surprise here, but it is a biopic based on the very first African-American heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson. A boxing movie from Balboa Productions? Seems only fitting, right? Production on the movie is being overseen by MGM's motion picture group president Jonathan Glickman and executive vice president of production Adam Rosenberg.

There is more to the story though, as there is a connection between Jack Johnson and Sylvester. For Johnson, he was arrested in 1913 for traveling with his white girlfriend across state lines, which was considered illegal and racially motivated. Johnson died in 1946, but Stallone recently convinced US President Donald Trump to officially pardon the late boxed. With Stallone being at the pardoning, it could be possible that this all works into the movie.


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