Jeff Lindsey

Dexter - "This Little Piggy" - Episode 5

Dexter -
Keep it in the Family... This was a solid episode of Dexter, where the...

Dexter - "Scar Tissue" - Episode 4

Dexter -
Scarred Tissue -- With Deborah being on the verge of a complete breakdown, Vogel...

Dexter - "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?" - Episode 3

Dexter -
What's Eating Dexter Morgan? -- This was a great episode and makes it three...

Dexter - "Every Silver Lining" - Episode 2

Dexter -
Has Debs Finally Snapped? -- The second installment of this Michael C. Hall directed...

Dexter - "A Beautiful Day" - Episode 1

Dexter -
Has Dexter Finally Met His Match? -- After having read the first of Jeff...

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