Teleios (2017) Review

Amazing Display of Low-Budget Technology.

by Martin Hafer


Teleios is a new sci-fi film from Ian Truitner and what makes it worth seeing is its budget.  Until recently, independent filmmakers would rarely touch sci-fi as the films were quite expensive to make…mostly due to the special effects.  However, recent advances with software have allowed gorgeous cinematic quality CGI at a relatively small cost.  This would explain why a film with only a million dollar budget would look this good!  For that reason alone, the movie is well worth seeing.

The film is set in the mid-21st century.  Genetically modified humans are proliferating on the planet and they are stronger, smarter and more capable in many ways compares to ‘normals’.  A space ship, the Teleios, with five of these super humans is about to make contact with a vessel that’s been stranded in space for some time…and no one is sure whether anyone is left alive on this stricken ship.  The crew’s orders are, first and foremost, to recover the cargo from the ship.

But there mission is soon complicated by many things.  The crew of the stricken vessel has all been killed…with only one remaining as well as a robot and neither seem willing or able to explain what happened.  The other problem  is that these super men and women are beginning to show signs of weakness…weaknesses they supposedly have overcome.  Their emotions are running amok and soon they begin preying on each other.  Why and what’s to become of their mission?

The best things about the film are the CGI, costumes and music.  All of these look very professional and caught my attention.  As for the story, it’s only fair and is, at times, a tad confusing.  Because of this, it’s a  movie that might just improve with repeated viewing.  Overall, a mixed bag but a lesson on economical and effective filmmaking…and a decent sci-fi flick as well.

Martin's Grade: C+


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