The Ice Cream Truck (2017) Review

Well, he certainly ain't the good humor man!

by Martin Hafer

Deanna Russo stars as Mary….a woman who has moved back to her old home town after being gone many years.  However, her husband and kids are still back in their old home for a few days….and Deanna is working on getting the new home ready for her family.  Surprisingly, the neighborhood ends up being a sort of middle-class Babylon…where all sorts of sins hide beneath the surface.  But the really big problem with the neighborhood is that darned ice cream man….he keeps showing up all times of the day or night to dispense sweet treats….and then kill you…even if you left him a nice tip!

I should mention right off that I am not the target audience for The Ice Cream Truck.  I am not a fan of slasher pics and my feelings about the film may not be exactly what a fan of the genre might think.  However, I also am pretty sure that slasher fans would not exactly love the film but for completely different reasons.  The film is in many ways very much unlike a usual hack and splatter movie…which I like.  There is a lot of plot for such a picture and the slashing only takes up a small part of the movie—which will no doubt disappoint some but made me happy.

Additionally, the ending is quite strange and not exactly what many fans would want…and that part left me rather cold and will probably do the same for many viewers.  Now I am not saying it’s a bad film.  Russo is excellent in the lead and the story kept my interest.  The director also kept a nice sense of foreboding throughout the story.  And, some folks might enjoy seeing the hunky John Redlinger, who plays a real bad boy…Max.  Overall, I see this as a film I’d put in the category of rent it versus spending the time and money to see it in the theaters.

Martin's Grade: C-


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