'The Perfect Date' (2019) Review: Maybe Not The Best Date

By: Ashley Velez

The Perfect Date is a new Netflix teen rom com starring Noah Centineo. Centineo plays Brooks Rattigan a senior in high school who invents a dating service app to help him save some money for college. Brooks idea is invented when he offers to be a date for a classmate’s cousin’s school dance. Laura Marano plays the cousin, Celia Lieberman. Brooks pretend date with Celia leads to him realizing that he can help woman, albeit a g-rated fashion in the dating world.

In one scene, Brooks is hired to be an awful boyfriend in front a girl’s parents so that when the girl introduces her real boyfriend to her parents they won’t hate him. Another girl hires Brooks to teach her how not to be awkward during a date. Brooks main demographic are teen girl’s from a rich neighborhood, which leads to his app becoming quite popular. 

The Perfect Date is similar to other teen rom coms with the popular girl who Brooks find himself crushing on. Celia is the typical, awkward teen that befriends Brooks. Brooks lives in a regular neighborhood where he works at a sub shop while hoping he gets admitted to an Ivy League.

Nonetheless, The Perfect Date isn’t as entertaining as other teen rom coms. The storyline is an interesting idea but fell short at keeping me engaged. It’s quite easy to figure out five minutes into the movie how everything will develop. The movie didn’t have the allure that other previously well known Netflix originals such as The Kissing Booth or Centineo’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The actors are great at playing their part, but the storyline can’t seem to keep up.

Grade: B


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