Was That Ryan Reynolds Dancing In New Deadpool 2-Celine Dion Video?

If there is anything to say about Deadpool and Deadpool 2, it has to be the fact that they have some of the best marketing campaigns out there! They proved that, yet again, yesterday with the release of the new Celine Dion video, which featured a new song called "Ashes." While the video is beyond entertaining, it has everyone wondering: was that Ryan Reynolds dancing in the new Deadpool 2/Celine Dion video? Well, your answers are right here!

So, "Ashes" will be featured on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack. Of course, Celine has an amazing voice and the song is actually very good and very fitting. Here is the original video, in case you have not seen this amazingness:

Besides being a great song and cool to see the clips from the movie, how could you not lose it when Deadpool comes sashaying his way onto the stage with Celine in those heels? I was loving it and it had me wondering if that was actually Ryan Reynolds under the suit.

However, Deadpool continued to dance and I knew it wasn't Reynolds. If you have seen any guys dancing in heels videos on YouTube, then you have seen Yanis Marshall before. Those dance moves are signature Yanis, as he was discovered on Britain's Got Talent, as the group he was in made it all the way to the finals. Here is a sample of his work:

While I knew it was Yanis Marshall up there dancing, not everyone did. That is, until Ryan Reynolds went to his Instagram account to confirm that it was not actually him dancing. And he gave a shoutout to Yanis, as he shared a photo of them during the music video shoot. Again, amazing marketing idea for Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18!


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