Whitney Houston Documentary Releases First Teaser Trailer For 'Whitney'

A Whitney Houston documentary is hitting the big screen this summer and we have the first Whitney trailer here! The documentary arrives in theaters on July 6 and will be directed by Kevin Macdonald, so check out the Whitney teaser trailer below!

For this documentary, fans will get a look into the life and legacy of the late singer and actress. I still can't believe that Whitney was taken from this world so early, but it will be nice to look back at how amazing her voice and legacy was.

Before taking on the director role, Macdonald was not actually a Whitney Houston superfan. Entertainment Weekly said the award-winning Scottish filmmaker (One Day in September) loved the powerful intensity of her voice and “the feeling that she was communicating a lot more than what the words were saying…. Where did the emotion come from that we hear in the voice?”

The Houston estate worked with Macdonald while making this movie, as he conducted 70 interviews about Whitney, which included her family, her husband Bobby Brown, Clive Davis and her Bodyguard costar Kevin Costner.

You may think you are a superfan, but Macdonald said that “many revelations that I think will, even to people who feel they know this story, make a lot more sense of who she is.”

Of course, Whitney died in February of 2012 from an accidental drowning in her bathtub after years of substance abuse. This was the night before the Grammy's took place. The Los Angeles County Coroner later stated that “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use” contributed to her death. Watch the first Whitney trailer here:

Whitney will hit theaters on July 6.


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