'Wonder Woman' 2 Gets Official Name As Filming Begins

By: Todd Betzold

Patty Jenkins is set to bring us the Wonder Woman sequel and while rumors stated the movie would be set in the 1980s, it looks like we finally have confirmation. Warner Bros. has confirmed that the Wonder Woman sequel will be titled Wonder Woman 1984 and Chris Pine will be returning as Diana Prince's ally/lover Steve Trevor, even though he died a hero's death at the end of the first Wonder Woman movie.

Per the Warner Bros.' official press release, Wonder Woman 1984  will "fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her facing an all-new foe: The Cheetah."

We previously reported that Kristen Wiig would be playing Cheetah in the Wonder Woman 2 movie, which we are beyond excited and intrigued to see. Both WB and director Patty Jenkins have revealed that Pine will be playing Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984.

Most of the Wonder Woman 1984 crew members will be back for the sequel, including director of photography Matthew Jensen, production designer Aline Bonetto, costume designer Lindy Hemming, and editor Richard Pearson. Wonder Woman 1984 will be traveling the world to shoot this film, as they will be in Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Virginia, the UK, Spain, and the Canary Islands.


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